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Lighting Portfolio

Peter and the Starcatcher

Lighting Designer

Directed by Simon Mallet. Set Design by J.J. Peñaranda. Storybook Theatre, Calgary Alberta. 2023.

Photo credits: Tim Nguyen


Lighting Designer

The first piece in a two-part project. An adaptation of Sophocles Antigone by Jean Anouilh. Directed by University of Victoria MFA Candidate Luciana Silvestre Fernandes at The Phoenix Theatre. Costumes by Michelle Ning Lo and Emily Friesen. October, 2017.

Photo Credits: Chris Hawkins

ANTIGONES: A Movement Exploration

Lighting Designer, Deviser

The second piece of a two-part project. A movement-based exploration of Sophocles Antigone. Directed by Luciana Silvestre Fernandes. Devised by Ann-Bernice Thomas, Caitlin Holmes, Chantal Gallant, Emma Newton, Emily Hayes, Molly McDowell-Powlowski, Shayla Pready, Olivia Wheeler, Logan Swain. Performed at the Phoenix Theatre. Costumes by: Michelle Ning Lo. November,


Photo credits: Chris Hawkins

Project Mercury

Lighting Designer

Project Mercury was the final show in Vino Buono’s inaugural season. Written by Keiko Hart. Directed by Colette Habel. Costumes by Hana Ruzesky-Bashford. Set by Carolyn Moon. Intrepid Theatre Club. 2017.

Photo Credits: Sierra Coyle-Furdyk

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