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Za Hughes

Lighting Designer, Director, Playwright

The Work

My favourite projects involve movement, poetry, and suggestive abstract lighting. I create lighting designs with the intention of sculpting scenes and scripts while pushing the idea of what lighting can do. I am forever chasing the colours of the sun.  I believe art is the process of discovering the self. Of sitting with the past versions of ourselves, letting them know they are okay, that here is the space to release. And once we release we may grow, and we may heal. I strive to create shows that seem to spring from nowhere and yet encapsulate everything you’ve ever wanted – it is the meal you didn’t realize you were hungry for. I believe in creating theatre that feasts on the idea of failure. In creating stories that ask for emotional understanding more than they require intellectualism. That by developing stories with a focus on the emotional arc we can encourage greater imaginative processes, a greater understanding of others by validating the emotional resonance of strangers. 



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